VCA Graduate Exhibition 09

Tomorrow is the last day of the VCA Grad Show.
the floor of the art space at Melbourne's VCA

The exhibition showcases work from artists in many different mediums and disciplines from surreal sculptures made from industrial debris to a seaworthy yacht held together with plywood and sticky tape. The hippest of Melbourne’s youth turned up to the opening night en masse and all week a steady stream of visitors have wandered in and out of the studios on Southbank – temporarily converted into galleries and art spaces.

A lot of this work demands to be seen, and heard, and felt first hand, so check it out before it’s packed away and bask for a moment in the talent of our country’s young artists.

VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery
40 Dodds Street Southbank VIC 3006
Gallery Opening Hours Tues to Sat: 10-4 pm

Paintings by Janice Gobey Paintings by Susannah Hart. Part of the VCA's 2009 Graduate Exhibition. Painting by Susannah Hart Painting by Susannah Hart 2009 work by Nicole Breedon Weeping willow (one piece) Approx. 120x40x100cm Chopping Block Paradox is a rough-cut tree trunk penetrated by a to-scale traditional, wooden handled axe, the entire piece hewn from a single piece of weeping willow. Instead of spitting it in two, the log becomes the axe's captor. Once unified, this natural pair of objects becomes stripped of purpose Multimedia Installation artworks by Amy Muratore. Multimedia installations by Amy Muratore Not sure on the artist for this one. If you do let me know in the comments. the floor of the art space at Melbourne's VCA

Richard Pendavingh

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