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Dave and I here at Riddip have finished work on an in-house website redesign for local hairdressing salon Phaedra.

And by ‘in-house’ I mean Dave and I worked on it in our house. Phaedra caters to the higher end of the market with more conceptual hair styling so the brief was for a minimalist, modern aesthetic in the vein of a designer label or fashion house. The site uses javascript to navigate between the different content areas and has a wordpress back end so that the text and gallery can be easily amended or expanded later on.

While the site will display with out any problems on any device it has been built with wide screen displays and high screen resolutions in mind. Thanks to Google analytics web designers can easily find out the technical details of the users that visit their sites. Phaedra Hairdressing already had an existing site so analytics provided us with statistics detailing all the operating systems, web browsers and screen resolutions of its visitors.

Armed with this information we can assure ourselves that the we’re not leaving any of our target audience behind in regard to features and file sizes. For example; visitors who have their screen resolution set to 1024 x 768 account for less than 5% of the traffic to the site with 31% using a screen resolution of 1680 x 1050 and only 1 out of the last 219 visitors has been on dial up.

Knowing such precise information about the site’s users allows us to cater to the needs of this particular business and its customers; which ultimately means a better user experience and more inquiries.

Phaedra_Website2 Phaedra_Website1 Phaedra_TitleCard Phaedra_BC

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