Phaedra Hairdressing

A short promotional video I did for Carlton salon Phaedra late last year.

Phadera Hairdressing from Richard Pendavingh on Vimeo.

The piece features a collection by stylist Andy Restuccia called Beautiful Strange. The premise of the clip was to quietly draw the connections between hair cutting and other forms of art and also incorporate the idea that good art takes time and care. So the clip has a sort of dreamlike quality with no direct reference to the salon.

Andy drew inspiration from David Lynch’s Eraserhead and a number of avante garde shorts from the 1920s which I mixed in with this commercial for Mr Plow.

In the end it was a little more subdued than both but it gives the viewer a chance to appreciate the hairstyles and the aesthetic that Andy created for the film.

Below I’ve taken some stills from the shoot. Check out the Hi-Def version on vimeo here.









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