Mierswa Kluska

Love these macro shots by German Photographer Mierswa Kluska for the Berlin Philharmonic.
Mierswa Kluska / http://www.mierswa-kluska.de/

They’re taken inside some of the instruments that the orchestra uses. The headline image here is the guts of a cello but when you add the lighting and faint light rays and shadows it could be the inside of a ballroom. The project was up up on Behance for more than a year before it was featured at which point it received a flood of attention and re-posts across the internet. It’s not hard to see why; there’s a really nice convergence of concept and execution with these shots because I can imagine an idea like this not having nearly as much impact without the photographic eye of someone like Kluska. It’s also very rare to see macro photography being used in advertising as a way of creating a bit of intrigue to make people stop and wonder what is they’re seeing and look to the copy and the logo to get their bearings.

Like much of the advertising work that I re-post here there’s also an element of bravery on the part of the client in order to run with print ads that don’t feature concert halls, elegant musicians or celebrity conductors.

There’s a great interview with the art director for the project on Ben Felton’s blog and Kluska’s personal folio site.




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