Corktown and surrounds, Detroit MI

A final set of photos from the city of Detroit. Taken around Corktown and in the city centre.
Pawn broker in Corktown, Detroit MI.
The sign above the roller-door reads "Retiring after 86 years. Everything must go. Up to 70% off all pawn merchandise. Still buying everything."

We met some really great people while we stayed at Hostel Detroit in Corktown. Despite, or perhaps even because of the city’s deep recession I felt that there were many people there who felt a deep sense of community and a conviction for social justice. Somehow I hope the experience of a city like Detroit will seep into out into the rest of the country and help Americans loosen their death-grip on the sort of capitalism that made this place fall so hard and so fast.

Pawn broker in Corktown, Detroit MI. Pawnbroker signage on Michigan avenue in Detroit. Gentrification in Detroit Mural on the outside of the Corktown Tavern Billboards of Detroit Billboards of Detroit Billboards of Detroit The Spirit of Detroit The Renaissance Center. Detroit, MI. Election advertising on an abandoned building in Detroit. Billboards of Detroit Black history month inspirational messaging brought to you by the big casino sucking the life out of your neighbourhood. Heidelberg Project Heidelberg Project Heidelberg Project Heidelberg Project The Heidelberg Project is an outdoor art project in Detroit, Michigan. It was created in 1986 by artist Tyree Guyton and his grandfather Sam Mackeyas. The glass and steel facade of the Motor city Casino. One of four major Casinos in a city with an unemployment rate somewhere between 30 and 50 percent. Portrait taken at the sunday market on the west side of Detroit. Detroit music Amazing creole, Cajun and Mexican food is part of the legacy left by several waves of immigration from the south during the first half of the 20th century. Billboards of Detroit Billboards of Detroit Google says "Be the first to review" The cover of the Metro when we arrived in Detroit.

Richard Pendavingh

Photographer, designer and weekend historian. Editor of The Unravel. Confined to Melbourne until the plague lets up.

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