Thomas Mankovsky; Ritalin

Carlton Draught's take on Nessun Dorma taught us all that everything looks good in slow motion.
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But I think Thomas Mankovsky’s video clip for ‘Ritalin’ by a band called Dancing Pigeons really takes the high frame rate and elevates it to an art form. Ritalin is another example of sponsored content- this time by fashion label Diesel – and it’s a great little film which owes a lot to its casting agent.

Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin from Blink on Vimeo.

Mankovsky was also the man behind the live-action stop-motion film called Sorry I’m Late which makes a wonderful motion companion to the photographic work of Jan van Holleban which many Melbournians would have seen in promotional work for the Rooftop Cinema. In Sorry I’m Late Mankovsky has created a short film that really captures that idea of childlike imagination where entire quests are carried out without leaving the loungeroom floor.

See more of his work on

And he can thank American Samoa for that smart-arse domain name.

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