Corey Arnold

There are some truly remarkable places to work in this world but few opportunities to really see them up close. Corey Arnold is a Photographer who has worked for most of his adult life as a commercial fisherman and his images of life onboard these ships are powerful and frightening but also shot through with humour.
Corey Arnold /

Even when a photographer takes on a long-term assignment and lives with their subjects for many weeks they remain an observer- on the outside, looking in. Corey’s photos have an edge to them that’s only possible because he ‘s recording his own life and his own experiences and the subjects of his photos are his friends and co-workers. It’s rare to find an artist of his caliber with such a demanding day job- and one that most of us can’t help but be fascinated by.

On top of this you get a great feel for his personality and his sense of humour from the more personal photos on his website (and his blog).

There’s a short slideshow interview with Corey on the NPR website. His own portfolio website ( has some really amazing imagery and it’s a very well put together site too.











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